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my son's aggressive n not social behavior and excess attachment issues.

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 26, 2017

hi my son who is 3 yr10 m old goes to pre kg. he was highly attached to me n always stuck to me or our family members until I started working ( once he turned 1. 11 yrs). but he was little upset after I started working he avoided me sometime when I was reaching home initially. later it reduced. but he was highly demanding kid so it was very difficult to handle him as I would be exhausted. I was not able to put him back to sleep in mid of night by rocking as I was not fit enough to do that. hence I had beaten him n yelled at him badly in midnight during initial months. it was only in mid night I used to get wild. my sister in law who stays with us was very attached to him as well n she started rocking him and calming him in mid of nights. now he wants to see her or me at home all the time and bangs his head even if v go to kitchen. he wants her every night for rocking n putting to sleep even now. at school his teacher has complained he won't listen or make eye contact when someone is talking. verbally he s good learner n speaks well as well as sings rhyme. but he is not interested in writing and he won't follow any instructions of teacher or family. teacher also complained he won't mingle with anyone he s always by himself or seeking company of adults only. we take him to park etc where he just says hi to others but plays mostly by himself. he gets quite aggressive when his needs are not met. pls advise how to make him social and follow instructions.

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| Feb 28, 2017

Hi Meghna, be patient with him. He is facing the worst case of separation anxiety.

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