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Updated on Sep 12, 2017

hi my son is 4 years old, my son s active but he won't listen to my words he LL do what ever he thinks ,how much ever I say he LL do wt he likes to and by chance if we scold him in front of any one he LL shout at us as if he has been harrased. he LL act like a stubborn kid plz tell me wt to do . how much ever I say to be like a decent and deciplineed way he won't be like tat .he LL be like his own way if some one ask anything like wt s ur name but he won't answer at all wt to do to teach him decipline and respect elder ones . and he LL say tat he won't like writing his homework. wt to do

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| Sep 13, 2017

hi Swathi Sathish ! u have to be really careful and plan in advance how to deal with the child. since shouting at him is making him further agitated.. nail it with love.. in other words please deal with him with love and patience. control ur anger and tell urself repeatedly u won't lose ur temper. do some yoga or deep breathing exercises. whenever I initiate a talk with him check ur tone first. make sure u r not shouting or complaining. make him sit down , make an eye contact ,politely tell him what u want to say to him. praise him for listening to u and consistent good behavior. hope this helps!

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