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My son's odd behaviour

3 to 7 years

Created by Vishala Maddineni
Updated on Apr 07, 2015

Hi All,   Need a suggestion here, my son is 4year old and he was quite earlier. But since few months I see him became very aggressive, easy gets anger and crys or beets others. I am not getting how to correct him. Can any one please share / suggest any ideas?

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| Apr 08, 2015

Vishala Maddineni, If he is showing this recently, then try talking to him to see why he did it, where did he learn it from, whom did he observe hitting others (remember children learn a lot by observing others), and instead of just telling him 'no' dont do this, tell him what is the expected behaviour such as 'please tell mumma what has made you angry' or 'hitting another friend is not good. if you want something, go and ask' etc. this is helpful as in the long run children learn to assert themselves rather than just be aggressive. talk often to him and spend time to see what is he spendng his time on and this may give you a clue. hope this helps.

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| Apr 07, 2015

Hi Vishala Maddineni You may find this blog helpful to you. Read-

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| Apr 07, 2015

Hi Vishala, Is there something that has changed in your house or in his life? for eg: a new school, a new teacher or nanny, a new baby or something that is getting more attention than him and he is unable to adjust to this? It could also be an age factor where children learn to assert themselves and want to be heard all the time. Be gentle and understanding; hug him often, even in the midst of an outburst, cuddle him, and most importantly talk to him a lot asking discreetly about his day, what he would like to eat, etc. Give him choices and let him make a decision and follow him choice. Once he gets an assurance that he is being heard, he should calm down. If it is an unreasonable decision that you cna''t follow, sit him down on your lap and lovingly tell him why mumma can't do what he is asking for. lots of love and understanding should help him get over this.

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