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my three years old daughter only drink milk not eating food

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Aug 03, 2018

eating prroblm

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| Aug 14, 2018

Pooja you can try pediasure as it has all required nutrients andvit will fulfill all his nutrition requirements. It is the best for fussy eaters.

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| Aug 13, 2018

Hi Pooja Why don't you try pediasure. As it has 37 essential nutrients. It will definitely help in improving his digestion and eating habits.

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| Aug 07, 2018

Hey pooja ur daughter is 3 year old so it is necessary that she take some semi solid & solid food also.. if he like milk then give her milk with adding suppliment like pediasure.. and make dalia with milk or cerelac just start it may be she take only 1-2 spoon in starting after that may be she like it. it will take time don't be worried. after that if she not like at all then ask with ur doctor..

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| Aug 05, 2018

Pediasure is good if you kid is fussy eater. It will improve her digestion .It has all 37 nutrients and it provides all the nutrients requirements of growing kids. Helping in gain weight and brain development.

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| Aug 04, 2018

Your child is fussy eater try adding extra variety in food and see what she likes. If she only likes milk you can add PEDIASURE which has 37 nutrients in it... with many flavors. Try it surely will help as it has helped me.

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| Aug 03, 2018

hi pooja! for how long it's been happening? have u consulted yr pediatrician? here is a blog on how to improve yr child's appetite .please go through the link given below.

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