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Updated on Sep 30, 2017

Mathematics ....Problems

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| Sep 30, 2017

hi Poonam Rathore ! please elaborate ur query, so that we could help u better .

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| Oct 01, 2017

Hi Poonam, by problems, do you mean word problems? Could you please give more details on what you need help. Use a progressive approach starting with physical model, visual model and finally the Abstract one. Try to include more of mathematical card games or board games for practice. Kids get overwhelmed when they see word problems. So help him break them down into smaller parts and translate each part into visual representation. Underline the key words, note dOwn the known and unknown values. See whether the problem needs to be solved by forward, reverse model or guess and check model. If he is staring with algebra, teach some pre algebra skills to translate the words into visual models and then algebraic expressions before moving on to solving them. Learn the rules of algebraic expressions using real numbers instead of variables, Use bar diagrams for representing fractions, decimals, ratios, percent and proportions so it will be a cake walk to solve them. For construction geometry, draw a rough diagram and visualize it before doing the scaled diagram. For coordinate geometry, use the grid to understand the formula instead of memorising it. For mensuration, break the shapes into different smaller shapes that could fit into the original shape to find area, volume and SA and there is no need to memorise the formula. tangram is a great tool to start with to help him visualize the shape in different smaller forms. If you could be more specific on the topic, I will be happy to help.

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