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Nail Biting

1 to 3 years

Created by Anu Shree Sharma
Updated on Sep 05, 2015

Hi......... My son is 2 years 4 month old. he use to nail bite and i'm worried about of his this behavior. Second issue is he does not take his meal properly, he takes 3 or 4 bits of roti or stuff parantha. All times he depends on milk.

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| Sep 08, 2015

Anu Shree please think of deworming as an option which should ideally be done every 6 months after 1 year of age. U could consult yr pediatrician to adjust dosage according to child's age. Reduce intake of milk to two times in a day and add protein rich options such as sprouts, tofu, paneer, baked beans, dals ,eggs, in various forms in his diet. for ex stuffed cheela, sprouts salad,scrambled egg, french toast, finely chopped veggies in upma, poha, vermicelli, dosa, Idli, etc. If he likes rice u could make biryani with lots of finely chopped veggies, add fruits and salads to his diet. Serve food on dining table with everyone Make him taste on his own. He might intially have a spoon or so. But later with motivation might develop liking for newer options. Introduce one food at a time. Avoid scolding for not trying out. Lure him with smart options like if he eats he might get taller than Mama. Or he might get stronger like Papa. Parise him for giving it a try. To begin with even having a spoon of a new dish on his own can be counted as success. hope this works out!

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| Sep 08, 2015

Please refer to this earlier talk on the same issue.

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