Nail biting

3 to 7 years

Created by Nikita
Updated on Sep 18, 2013

My son has a very bad habit of nail biting, I tried making him realize the bad effects of it but he does not understand how I should deal with him.  

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| Sep 18, 2013

Hey Ankita.. This habit of children or even elders is subconscious one. One might not even know that they are doing that. In children, nail biting may be one of there stress busters. U can try few tips for the awareness.. One of that it... Whenever he is biting the nails,tell him to note it done in a paper.. Or u can do is Daily basis take pictures of the nails in cell phone for a week and so. And make ur child compare.. In some cases,CALCIUM DEFICIENCY might also be causing this habit of him. Do try to increase the calcium amount in his diet. See If it Works. And as Shikha said Scolding,Punishing wont help.. Its just TRY n TRY.

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| Sep 18, 2013

Hi Ankita! Please notice is ur child copying somebody at home/school. Or this cud be response to some tension going on in child's mind. Please talk it out to ur child n discourage him by telling the ill effects of doing so like stomach infection, unaligned teeth and spoiling nails's shape. Or he could be doing so bcos of boredom so it is advisable Please divert child's attention by giving his some work or giving something else in hand. Doing so repeatedly would help him get rid of his this habit. The same message should be repeated by all family members to have an impact but in a lighter tone. Scolding, punishing wud make him further tense and thereby reinforce this habit as a child is doing it unconsciously .hope this works!

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