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Updated on Apr 23, 2016

My son is 9yr old and still he has no close friends at school or neighborhood . He doesn't like to go outside home. He likes readings knowledge especially science books and no interest for sports and other Co color activities.

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| Apr 23, 2016

Please suggest something

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| Apr 24, 2016

Hi Hema, You have mentioned he has NO CLOSE friends. Does that mean he has some acquaintances but not very close friends? In case of boys, Until they are 11 or 12, the intense friendship will not be there unlike girls. they go by rules of being fair "you are being good to me and i will be good to you or i did something nice and in return i want you to do the same. Else we are not friends anymore" So you may want to wait for some more time unless you feel that it's affecting him in any way. Some kids work better when alone than in a group. So if you want him to participate in sports, enroll him a sport with one on one coaching. If you think your child is reluctant to join, do not ask if he wants to join or not. Offer 2 or 3 choices of individual sport / performance art and make him choose one. Tell him to at least try for a shortest period possible. Once he joins, he may start liking and want to continue. Gradually you can move him to a group lessons for individual sports / performing art and then later move to a team sport/ music band/ drama group so he will have oppurtunity to work as a team and make friends. There can be many reasons for not wanting to go out to play laziness is one reason or something more interesting like reading books takes precedence. other reason can be some socializing problems like bullies. even Some gifted children find it difficult to socialize as they get looked at differently by other kids, get snubbed by teachers and friends in school. If that is the case, you may want to help him find someone who is at the same intellectual level. so find out the reason and work towards that. Hope this helps

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