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Created by Nabamita
Updated on Aug 19, 2013

Naughty Kids-My daughter is 22months old and is very naughty she doesnot sleep much. However my the end of the day post all office tensions when she doesnot sleep at nite I lose my temper,can anyone help as to how can I control I am left with no energy to tolerate her naughty activties any more

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| Aug 19, 2013

Hi Nabamita! U r doing a great job of handling a kid with work. naughtiness is something which comes natural to kids as they have bundles of energy which until spent can keep them awake until they are completely exhausted. So it is advisable u cud reduce her number of sleeping hours during day time. And increase the activity level by playing on swings, running with the child, playing hide and seek, etc . This wud charge u up, seeing ur child happy u wud feel rejuvenated, and also the child would feel being loved and cared for and exhausted too. Following a routine would also help as child would feel sleepy during the time set for sleep. U cud try reading a bedtime story to the child for which child needs to lie down and finally sleep. Hope this helps!

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| Aug 19, 2013

Dear Nabamita, It's quite understandable that you must be finding it difficult to match the energy levels of your child especially at night. As you haven't mentioned anything about her routine I'll still try to offer some help: 1) A child of her age should sleep around 14 hours a day, so you calculate how much she need to sleep during the day time to sleep at time (as per your comfort) at night. 2) Try to take her outdoors in the evening in the company of other kids. Let her play a lot (so that she gets tired enough to sleep on time) and you might also like to take a walk or chit-chat with other parents. If that's not possible then you may try to make her do some exercises like cycling, dancing ... at home. 3) As you mentioned that you are working and so she gets to see you in the evening after a long day. It's quite natural for her to be very excited once you are home and she must be wanting your attention and love. Solution is simple - Give her complete attention and love for an hour or so immediately when you meet her after coming home. You can either relax for 15 min or so before entering home or enter home from the back door and chill for sometime before being with her, If it's not possible than better be prepared to play with her for some time and then go on with your stuff. 3)As she wan't to be with you then it my help that you involve her in some of your own tasks ;) Beware it's cutely risky. 4) Have a night time - sleep ritual with her .... make it relaxing and lovely so that she looks forward to get into the sleep mode :) HOpE ThaT HeLps

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