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Nebulization for infants and kids

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Updated on Mar 14, 2013

I have found that it has become a common practice to get Nebulization as prescription for bad cold in infants. I am mother of two kids one 6 year old daughter and the other one is a 7 month old boy. 6 years ago when my daughter had severe cold the only medicine given to her was Sinarest and if it was really bad then an anti biotic of Taxim-O, but these the moment it is severe cold the suggestion is nebulization.   Have you as other parents observed the same thing? Is nebulization a good thing? Why was it not done earlier? Why is it so frequently prescribed these days?  

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Swati Chandok

| Aug 22, 2017

This is an interesting read on Nebulisation - covering expert answers.

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| Jul 21, 2015

Once if we nebulize child do they get addicted to it because my child has cold and cough for about one and half months neighter home remedy nor doctors medicines are curing her.. please help me

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Hrudaya Annavajhala

| Oct 09, 2013

thanks for sharing ur views bhavna, very helpful, as this is the season for cold and cough in children.

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| Oct 01, 2013

Hi Bhavana, My 3. 5 year old daughter also suffers a lot from cough n runny nose and I nebulise her. I give her tulsi with honey in the morning also along with homeopathy but at times all this also fails.. thus nebulization is the only way for me as of now. However can you tell me where can I get this ayurvedic churan called " Sitopaladi "... and when what is the dosage? I have tried many home remedies but at time they work but many times they don't.. so want to try this churna. Would get it right away coz my baby is again sick due to the change in weatherr Thanks a lot in advance :)

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kamlesh kaur

| Mar 14, 2013

Hi Pradeepa, I think we should trust our Pediatrician's advice on nebulization. I have a 1 and half year old boy. He was nebulized several times when he was 1 year old, but he caught very severe cold and cough that time(poor baby was in ICU on his first birthday :( ). Even after coming back to home his chest was still blocked for some time. One thing that his grand mother advised was to paste egg yolk on paper and place this on his chest during the night. Next day my son was quite relieved. I don't know if this was coincidence, but I will certainly advise this as there can't be any side effects of this.

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