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Need help n guidance (ADD kid)

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Sep 23, 2016

My 7 yr old son has been diagnosed as ADD kid. Therapist has recommend Cognitive Behaviour therapy for him.. Can anybody guide me on this. How far this will help my kid. also what would be the cost for this. any other good centre in South Bangalore. will there be any improvement in his behavior? How long will it take my kid to come out of this . what can I do at home for this? I have accepted my kid as he is and I love him a lot. I want him to help. plz guide me regarding this.

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| Sep 28, 2016

Hi please help me with a good hospital where I can do a complete health check up for my kids .my elder son is 8yrs old n younger 4 yrs old

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| Sep 27, 2016

hi again! Jaisha I understand your concerns. at home you could do rehearsals of situations that might arise in a social gathering or even other set ups , days in advance. for instance how he is supposed to react when someone says hello? how he could mingle with friends? if he is in the habit of moving his hand or legs or waving , u could make a video and calmly let him know how he could gradually stop doing that. u could bring him toys with different textures, springs etc which he could manoveure with his hands. all this could take months together to show improvement. it would need constant reminders and positive reinforcement and rewards when he makes effort and finally gets successful. I would like u to be optimistic and do your best by using motivation , praise and perseverance. also as advisable by a therapist,cognitive behavioral therapy would definitely help him outgrow some of his symptoms if not all. and earlier the intervention the better it is. hope this helps!

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| Sep 26, 2016

Thank you Shika for your response. At school I have complaints of handwriting and concentration. But at home and other social events managing him has become a very difficult. one more question is will he out grow this phase as he grows older. what all the activities I can do to help him ? he is always restless n squirm . can you please tell me what can I do to stop this.

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| Sep 25, 2016

As far as your other queries are concerned regarding, how much each session will cost or a clinical psychologist in south Bangalore , please wait for a reply from proparents who will be able to guide u with this . how much time it will take will depend on the acceptance and positive response from your child and the family as a whole. I am sure it will definitely help your child and u will see a positive change in him with time. hope this helps!

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| Sep 25, 2016

hi Jaisha! hope u r doing good! Jaisha a child diagnosed with ADD would need cognitive behavioral therapy as it could help him with a) working on his strengths b) building positive relationship with important people around him c) helping him be more organized d) guiding him to have achievable goals and how to work on those e) time management f) how to behave in a social setting g) work on his problem areas say if he has trouble staying put in a place for longer duration or he gets distracted easily or is forgetful, fidgety . Parents might also be called in for training and trained to use positive reinforcement for helping him and how to work on his strengths to overcome his weaknesses. they might also be guided with how to seek support from teachers and work in partnership with them for getting positive results.

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