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Need help on low milk supply on one side due to plugged duck

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Updated on Jul 12, 2017

hi All i got pluuged duct on left 2 week ago.... tried almost all things like hot compression/ cold compression was big earlier but now i can see its not there but i feel small pee sized thing in my breast ..i dont feel any pain or red thing on breast but some pain not sure its because i have pressed my breast so hard to get rid off duct... i told to gyn but he seems not worried much and said to ignore... i can see low milk supply on left side and good supply on right though milk seems enough now for my baby... my babh refuse to take left breast as its very soft and may be slow milk flow... As now baby refuse to take left breast and low milk production how sud i increase production on left side ...also suggest if small pee size thing in my breast is causing this

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| Jul 12, 2017

Hi Prajakta, it may be the reason. Whatever is the reason you need to feed both sides if not it may create a lump and that will cause difficulty in future. Your gyne knows better but i suggest you to have a second opinion of other gyne too. Try to express milk if baby is not latching the other side.

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