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Updated on May 06, 2013

Dear parents, I need your suggestions. My friend is a middle class woman. She has a boy of 17years and a girl of 13 years. their life was going on smoothly. Unfortunately  both mother and father died.  grand parents are older.  The  elder boy is studying in 12th cbse and planning to join in chennai engineering collage, and the younger daughter is in 8th now.  Unfortunately this happened intheir lives.  we dont want to join them in orphanage because their studies may be disturbed.  I cant help them beyond my limitations.. So i am asking you to suggest any trusted residential school with nominal fee where their aims and targets will be fulfilled. Mainly  I dont want the children to start comprimising for their career and future.  I need safety place for them. As my trial a enquired in satya sai educational trust.   Can u please guide me.  I can help them atlest with this.  Waiting for your suggestion. we live on Vijayawada.  

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| May 08, 2013

Nagajyothi kindly let me know if you would need sponsors!

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Neetu Ralhan

| May 07, 2013

The Sri Sathya Sai Gurukulam School at Rajahmundry is only till 10th. You could call The Satya Sai Educational Society, Hyderabad at 040 2782 2600 for detailed information. And what about the other residential schools in your area: Sir Arthur Cotton Residential school and KCP Sidharth Adarsh. Do you think you can approach them and make a strong case for the children to receive subsidized education. Perhaps, gather support from people around and approach them?

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Neetu Ralhan

| May 07, 2013

Dear Nagajyothi. Sorry to learn about the unfortunate loss. And its heartening to know how you are worried about the children's well being. Despite the circumstances, children should get every opportunity they deserve. Are you looking at schools only in Vijaywada or elsewhere in Andhra as well?

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