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Created by Bhavani
Updated on Aug 27, 2015

Hi, my son is 8 month old now and we started givin him meshed rice from 6 n half month.. but he cant able to swallow it.. i feed him very small qantity but tat als he cant able to eat. he will puke. How to make him eat rice?

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| Sep 02, 2015

I put few pieces of vegetables while cooking moong dal and rice. Mix some jaggery n salt and put all the things in a mixer while Luke warm. Serve with a table spoon of pure ghee. Its easy to swallow plus baby get all tastes n nutrition as well. Wash, dry n roast 1:1:1 rice, moong daal n sprouted ragi. Grind to fine powder and shallow fry in pure ghee, pour milk with continuous stirring, dilute with milk only. Put off the flame once cooked, add some jaggery and feed baby. This can be one meal. Same recipe with flour (for a change instead of serving chapati). Boiled n mashed potato n sweet potato with milk is one option. Needless to say fresh fruit pulp will be good option. My baby is 9 months old. I tried this from 6 months onwards.

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| Aug 28, 2015

Hi shikha, thank u so much... will definately try whatever you have suggested.. It is really informative.. thanks a lot Thanks to the admin aswell

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| Aug 28, 2015

Hi Bhavani! At 8 months it is advisable to begin with semi solid food items. Child can choke himself if served with solid food as he still might not be having required number of teeth to bite food items. Plus rice due to starch is sticky and gets stuck in the food pipe. It is advisable to try out following options: 1. Instead of giving whole grain rice, try giving broken rice (tukda chawal) easily available in the market. When it is cooked it becomes soft and due to small size it doesn't get stuck. 2. Mix rice with beaten curd. Say in a bowl of beaten curd u could add two spoons of boiled rice. Since semi solid food is easily taken in and doesn't require to be chewed, child would be comfortable. 3. U could give rice in other forms like kheer ( lots of milk and 2 spoon of broken rice ),dosa, Idli etc ( when child is around 1 year +). 4. Make sure while feeding that child is hungry and there is at least a gap of 1 to 2 hours between meals. 5. avoid force feeding, this might cause aversion for food plus as he grows, he might stop eating thinking he might puke. 6. Serve him food on a high chair on a plate. Give him a small serving on a plate so that he could feed himself. He might make a mess but he would sooner or later indulge in self feeding. 7. Have nursery rhymes music In the background not to distract him but to keep the ambience cool and light. U could sing along if u wish to. 8. Praise him for trying by hugging,kissing, etc. 9. Try other options too as suggested above by admin but please ensure u try one dish for 5_6 days at least. Hope this helps!

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| Aug 27, 2015

Hi Bhavani You could try some other foods to identify the problem. Here is the blog with the some initial food ideas-

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