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Created by Nikita
Updated on Feb 28, 2014

Hi all,   My Daughter is 4 years old, from some days she has become really rude, she will give negative answers to me or she will yell, cry loud. Sometimes i also lose patience on her. Please suggest what shall i do?  

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| Feb 28, 2014

Hi dear Nikita! Some children tend to do back talking or yell back. I wud advise u to go back to the situation where the whole arguments start. Think about it. Make a series of situation and figure out where is the point that triggers yelling, argument and back talk. U need to avoid that particular trigger. Before initiating talk, tell yourself you will not yell at the child and raise ur tempers and the purpose of this talk is to reach an agreement. Be calm , clearly share what u expect from the child, ask her if she is clear with instructions and will she be able to follow it. Make this whole process little interesting by making funny faces, tickling her, holding her in ur arms, hugging her in the end. This will give her the feeling that Mama loves her still. It is a gud idea to be little easy on the child sometimes, ignore small mistakes and giving in to their demands at times. This will pass on the message that we parents are not ruling their lives and they too have freedom to make choices. At the end of the day we want our children to love us and respect us and be happy with the decisions we take for them. They should not get the feeling we are forcing our decisions on them. So the more calm u will be,the more calmer reply u will get. We all understand raising kids is not an easy job so take one hr break and do whatever u love doing. This will give a vent to ur pent up emotions. Hope this works!

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| Feb 28, 2014

Hi Nikita! Here is a link to similar parent talks that you may find relevant:

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