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Updated on May 01, 2017

My son is 2. 6 years old . Since last month he started telling no for everything like anything playing, eating ect... becoming very negative pls help n suggest..

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| May 01, 2017

hi Juhi! he is seeking attention by doing so. once he will say 'No 'u will coax him to say yes,so basically he is doing so to get your response . u need to reframe your sentence and make sure there is no negative tone in it. supposedly u want him to eat something: call him politely, praise him for listening to u, gently pat on his back, kiss on his forehead. tell him baby we r going to eat a chapati with Dal and dahi and my baby will show me how he will get stronger with each bite. give a bite and enact how he's getting stronger. so a role play or any story or a game could make him happy and finish his food. praise him when he finishes. reward with a smiley. Juhi presentation matters the most with children . present with a negative statement and u would see them dread it. present the same thing with love and care , they would enjoy it. spend time with him playing, talking , teaching, and most importantly hug him often. I am sure u would see a change in him soon. tkcare!

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| May 02, 2017

Thanks shikha, i'll try

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