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never brush nd bath at morn

3 to 7 years

Created by Ramya
Updated on Jan 03, 2017

my son is 3 yrs he never brush at morning.. nd also scared to take bath also.... while gng to school

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| Apr 07, 2017

hi Ramya! avoid taking him to washroom as soon as he is awake to brush his teeth! children find it unexciting and a monotonous chore. he could just get fresh and rinse his mouth with water. while taking bath he could brush his teeth. Ramya u too need to brush along and compete with your child and tell him , whosoever brushes first and that too nicely will get a smiley. or think of other interesting ideas to motivate him to brush his teeth. for instance have a cut out of a germ with a stick to hold it. pretend the germ is getting weaker and weaker as he is brushing his teeth. the funnier the merrier , the better the outcome. the key is to avoid forcing him and pleading him . make it such a playful activity that he waits for brushing time. u could do something similar with bathing as well. give him a toy, u bathe him while he bathes his toy. or put bubble guppies toys or rubber ducks in the bath tub, let him enjoy squeezing toys and splashing water. hope this helps!

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| Apr 07, 2017

same with my son

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| Jan 03, 2017

Hi Ramya, since when this started?

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