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Updated on Dec 18, 2016

my 11year son 's teacher complaints about his behaviour that the he does the things which are told not to do. he is very slow in writing .what can I do.

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| Dec 19, 2016

hi Ganesh Reddy ! As he is progressing from one class to another, the writing work would increase and so the expected writing speed should also increase. Ganesh u need to teach him to screen what's important to note down as teacher would erase the work written on blackboard. for instance he could write date, page no. , and repeated things later on. he could copy only the topic, sums and do it later on at home but if the questions are not copied his work would be left incomplete. to improve his writing speed u need to work on his posture, his pencil grip and his fine motor movements and also his concentration needs to improve. make sure he sits straight with his hands on the desk, has right size of writing tool, holds pencil perfectly between three fingers. his fine motor movements can be worked upon by doing various hand excercises . at home u could seek his help in making lists, make writing one page of diary a ritual, play board games with him, he could do craft work which involves finger painting, tearing of paper, folding and cutting of paper etc. motivate him to write neatly, praise him for his efforts . supervise his work everyday. hope this helps!

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