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Hi All, My son just started formal school.   I am working mother. I reach home at 8pm full exhausted. He is keen to study... if I make him sit in the locked room(with me) he gets interest to study.... I just want him to revise what all he knows. pls suggest me some ideas.... I get max an hour for him to feed and teach him. Pls advise... I m feeling guity now.. as unable to give proper time to him.   I try my best to give my time and try to teach him... being a naughty boy he doesn't listen me until I make him sit in locked room and hide all his toys..... for this I don't get sufficient time. fyr, he is done with all educational games and sites and bored with it.... and I give him worksheets as well.... he has done with that also..... n already bored. (cant give him crayons he just use n break n throw. ) In short, I need to sit with him to teach anything.   Pls suggest me some different and creative ideas   Thanks Aarti Mehan              

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| Apr 07, 2014

Dear Aarti, it is unlikely that your son will take interest if you try to sit down with him as you have suggested. He is too little to take interest in conventional form of studies and his attention span is only for 20 mins at this age. So invest in some charts with letters, numbers, animals, shapes, colours and the like. Paste them in his room. Playfully ask him what each picture is. He will develop an interest if it is fun. Dont force or scold him if he doesnt want to. You may just sit with him and sing the ABC song, count with his toys or colour pencils. Once he gets the hang of the sounds of the letters and numbers, then he will be automatically drawn to the idea of recognizing them. You may then encourage him to start writing the letters. Take it step by step Aarti, help him develop an interest. Make it fun! Hope this helps.

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