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Neha Sharma
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Updated on Dec 12, 2013

Hi Parents, My daughter is 15 years studying in 11th standard. Yesterday she asked for permission to let her stay at her friend's place at night. However we know her friend very well but i am not too sure if i shoud let her stay there or not. however i also do not want her to think that i do not give her freedom or i do not trust her. I am actually about confused what to do. Please suggest.

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 12, 2013

Hello Gaurav! I completely understand ur anxiety and appreciate ur concerns regarding this issue. It is advisable u cud call her friend and ask her how they plan to spend their time and also Talk to her parents regarding the same issue. If u get satisfactory answers and feel they will be safe u cud give a go ahead for the same. However u cud talk to ur daughter and tell her she needs to speak to u when she is there to enquire about her well being. if u have even an iota of doubt in ur mind u shd straightaway refuse. Hope this helps!

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