Nipple confusion

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Created by Priyanka Viswambaran
Updated on Nov 04, 2016

Hi.. My son is just one month old now.. Due to less breast milk I started giving formula milk in pegion feeding bottle with new born baby nipples.. twice or thrice a day.. But now he refuses to suck breast and he always need a bottle as it has good flow.. What should I do? How to avoid nipple confusion and make him suck breast?? Which nipples is best to avoid nipple confusion?

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| Nov 06, 2016

Hi.. I faced the same problem.. lactation consultant told me to give formula milk in spoon instead of bottle. this really helped me to make my baby drink bm . give it a try

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| Nov 05, 2016

in initial stage Iam also faced the same prob. but when days goes baby get used to it and started recognising the difference. After some months baby wil ask for breast milk only as it wil be tastier than formula

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| Nov 05, 2016

instead of giving formula u can take lactare tab... it is a herbal tab... no side effect... it ll boost ur supply... u can try lactare granules powder also... both giving super result.. pls. avoid formula....

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| Nov 04, 2016

since baby is too young Bm is very very important for his development . the less he sucks the less u will produce. so in my opinion u completely stop the bottle feed through bowl and spoon for 3 or 4 months ..i don't think it will be really tough as u r feeding formula only twice or thrice. it needs patience to feed through spoon but pls do it. again u can start the bottle around 5 or 6 month.

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