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Updated on Feb 13, 2018

Hi mommy's, my daughter is 2 year old and wakes up several times in the night... I give her milk before going to bed but still she wakes up again and again... I don't know what to do. moreover she sleeps on my legs initially and once she is asleep I put her to bed. Please suggest me some good tips...

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| Feb 14, 2018

hi devi anoop ! she has got used to sleeping this way.. since she is 2 years old already u can consider weaning her off. gradually she would get to sleep better and so would u. here is a blog u would find useful. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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| Sep 18, 2019

About 6 months ago i was struggling to get my baby to sleep and after many visits to the doctor,sleepless nights countless hours spent on online looking for something to help my child nothing worked. I called and spoke to numerous day care centers and child care places to see if anyone knew what could help my child . It was really hurting me watching my baby go throught this night after night not being able to sleep feeling helpless and unable to help . It was by chance one day that i was in a chemist picking up some medication and I was speaking to the lady behind the counter and she told me about a product that her duaghter had been using on her grand daughter and she told me give her my number and she would message it to me . That product was a life sacer,within a few days my child was back to normal and sleeping again and it was cheaper than everything else i tried Here is that products - I am a huge advocate of this product and i have told all my friends and family about the product and some of my gilrfriends have started using it and olso swear by it . I honestly cant that that lady enough for whats she had done for me and my child esspecially . Im sharing this in the hope it also helps someone else one day .

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