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Updated on Oct 29, 2013

Hi fellow parents!My 7 year old son wants to buy cracker for diwali, I tried explaining him the fallouts of crackers. Please suggest some tips to make him understand the same in fun way.

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| Nov 01, 2013

Dear Shweta! I can understand it is difficult for any parent to explain to their child about d harmful effects of fire crackers. sometimes kids need to know d facts to understand d gravity of d situation. So it is better to apprise them with d real pic such as 1. Rise in pollution 2. Health related problems faced by infants, children, elderly as well as asthma n other respiratory illness patients. u cud make him visit a cliic or show him pics of patients who r forced to go thru breathing difficulty due to crackers emitted pollution. 3. Noise pollution 4. minors forced to work in fire crackers factories due to which they suffer health related problems 5. fire accidents to whch houses get burnt n people get injured. hope this works. u cud take help of internet to show pics.

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| Oct 30, 2013

Hi Shweta. You may also read this blog to know what different you can do this diwali and precautions while handling crackers -

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| Oct 29, 2013

Hey may be you can see if there ios any kids movie playing in nearest theatre and take him to see that. Funny but it helped me too to go away from crackers plus no high noise in theatres and no pollution.

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