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Created by Kameswari U
Updated on Feb 02, 2016

my 14 mnth old son is still not walking independently... he is able to speak many two worded letters and is very active... he jumps from one sofa to other stands for 50 secs or so independently and sits down and crawls.... what should be done to make him walk?

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| Apr 12, 2016

Don't worry. Babies take their own time to reach their milestones. My 14 month old too doesn't walk without support yet. He crawls, stands, walks and jumps with support. I too had the eating trouble. He was eating well and then suddenly he started becoming fussy while eating. He wud start gagging and throw up everything out. All this while I was making him sit on a chair and feeding him, but since last few days I am letting him down on floor and feeding him. He keeps running around and I keep feeding him. It is working with this fellow. I know it is not a good habit. He should be sitting in one place and finishing his meals, but I think I will have to be flexible for now and teach him table manners after few monhths.

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| Feb 12, 2016

Hi preeti a good news for me is that he is standing on his own and started with his first step... thanks a lot for ur support.... but now a big concern is he is not eating anything.. plz lemme know how can i handle this

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| Feb 02, 2016

Thanks a lot preeti for ur supportive reply... iam really tensed

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| Feb 02, 2016

Babies grows at different pace so don't worry he has his own pace will walk soon and will make you run behind him . Happy Parenting :)

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