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Created by Sireesha
Updated on Dec 09, 2013

My daughter who has just finished 4 yrs in October, studying LKG, does not interact in school. As per her teacher, she absolutely does not talk at school and does not mingle well with other kids. Though we talk only our mother tongue at home, she picked up english very well from school.  She is always playful, soft and easy to handle type of a child. When I ask her why she would not talk because she is scared. She narrates me everything that has happened at school and does well w. r. t studies. Only problem is, she does not open up and interact with outsiders. Could someone please suggest me how to handle this issue? I m really worried!! :(

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| Dec 11, 2013

Extra classes will surely help, Sireesha. All the best!

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| Dec 11, 2013

Hi Meenambigai, Thanks a lot for your assuring response. That relieves me of some stress. We will try building her confidence. When she was in Pre-K. G, we assumed that the language was the hindrance. But these days, she speaks English very well with us at home. I will make sure that I will not put any pressure on the kid but slowly I will work on improving her confidence levels. I am planning to put her in some dance or music classes if that helps her to open up..

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| Dec 09, 2013

Hi Sireesha, we handled a similar situation with my son when he was in nursery and pre-k. g. He was very shy and did n't interact with anybody in the school. Definitely language was a hindrance. We kept on insisting him that he should open up in school . It happened slowly. First he started picking friends of our mother tongue. We are also in Bangalore. Since in Bangalore kids are from various states, the initial problems will be there. Try talking in English at home. It will definitely help. And don't worry. It's not a big problem at all. As the curriculum is very interactive nowadays the teacher will take care of it as they go to higher classes. Pls never force the kid. It might turn negative. U won't believe now teacher tells that my son is talking too much in the class. U be patient and let it happen slowly. U just say her to answer in the class and also talk to the teacher to help her come out of her shell.

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