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Updated on Oct 30, 2012

My Daughter is 2+ yr old. She wakes up at night. She does not cry but wants to play at night. Generally she wakes up at 2-2:30 am and sleeps by 4 am. Please suggest

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samir marghade

| Sep 05, 2013

dear ashwini try indian classical ragas (night ragas) while the baby is sleeping . it works wonderfully. i have tried mozart and beethoven too.

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Neha Netragaonkar

| Jul 04, 2013

I had d sme problem or maybe stil hv at times. My son is 2. 8 yrs nw. Nw he almost stopped waking up n rarely does. Even he used to ask for milk. I agree tat its not hunger but a comfort factor. Till my son ws abt 2. 6 yrs he used to tk bottle feed.

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Sireesha Billakanti

| Jan 11, 2013

Hi Ashwini, try to say some stories and it will really be useful. My son asks me to tell stories before he goes to sleep. It really worked for me. He is 2. 6 years, not only stories, speak the topics which ur kid likes so that there will be conversation and then they get tired of speaking and will sleep. Even my son gets up in mid night and cries for something or the other, so I divert him and start talking abt his fav topic and he starts listening to me and after some time he says he wants to sleep.

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| Dec 25, 2012

Give her body massage before sleeping, after that baby feels tired and sleep long time.

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| Nov 07, 2012

Thanks for all comments. I will surely try few things suggested

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