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Nomadic eating

1 to 3 years

Created by Saloni Ramani
Updated on Oct 17, 2014

Hi everyone my two year 5 mnth son is nomadic eater he needs lot of distractions while eating  if i dnt give he doesn not want to eat food as he very less interested in food i have tried keeping him Hungry and not giving up to his wishes but that natural hunger arises only Only once a day and his appetite comes down to1/4th of his usual please suggest something to make him change the habit i know i should have not started it only but we learn through our mistake

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| Oct 27, 2014

I too have a 2. 5 year old boy and what I have realised that even though they are little, they do understand things more than they can express. So talk to him & explain in simple ways why it is important to eat without any distractions. Also ensure that the same process is followed by with all members of family (his father, grandparents etc). If he eats well the first time, reward him & praise him. He will be motivated to do better. You need to be patient and consistent Saloni. Hope this helps :)

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| Oct 27, 2014

Hi Saloni. The only way I see is going cold turkey on this, that is, to stop all distractions at mealtimes completely. It is likely that his interest in food has not been properly developed due to the distractions. He has not been aware of what he has been eating- its taste, texture, colour etc. So I suggest you make him understand that now on there will be no TV, cartoons etc at mealtimes as those things interfere with him becoming strong, big and healthy like Spiderman (or any of his favourite super hero). Make him sit with his food when its time to eat and let him explore his food. Gradually he will take interest and start tasting and eating. Also try to involve him in cooking. Give him some dough when making rotis and let him roll out his own roti, show him the different vegs, make food in different shapes etc. Get him more involved with all things related to food, he will surely gradually take an interest.

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