Non sticky hair oil for daughter

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Apr 16, 2019

Pls suggest a non sticky hair oil for my 6 yrs old daughter. She doesnot like using coconu oil

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| Jun 14, 2019

Try J n J hair oil. It is non sticky. Your daughter will love it.

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| May 06, 2019

I would say baby oil would work then... like Johnsons clear oil... it doesnt stick

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| May 02, 2019

The best non sticky hair oil is Johnsons baby oil. Its light and can easily be applied and washed off with a shampoo.

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| Apr 30, 2019

Try hair oil. it is nonstick n very very effective for strong hair growth.

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| Apr 25, 2019

try baby hair oil it has all natural hair oils like coconut oil almond oil avocado lavender oil which gives a good hair growth n good quality to hairs i use this too for my daughter

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| Apr 23, 2019

u can go for hair oil. with non stickiness a,it also contains all essential oil for hairs

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| Apr 21, 2019

Olive oil is good for hair .. u can also try Johnson's hair oil ..It is very good n non sticky

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| Apr 17, 2019

Use naturally made mamaearth nourishing hair oil. It's non sticky mild and gentle on scalp. It keeps scalp healthy and nourishes hair roots and stimulates healthy hair growth. It's really good.

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| Apr 16, 2019

hi Rohini Reddy ! please try olive oil or amla tel. these are comparatively non sticiker.

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