nose blocked

1 to 3 years

Created by Shefali
Updated on May 26, 2016

my one year old boy nose blocked from last night and he was crying badly. i put some saline drops but it is not clear his nose .what to do

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| Sep 07, 2016


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| Jul 04, 2016

pl give steam to him... (indirectly by filling room) n put easy breath capsule drops on his cloth on the front side covering chest. you may put naso clear drops (it is the solution of salt n water) in his nose, this remedy is well tested n harmless.

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| May 26, 2016

Hi shefali... plz don't use saline drops.. the way they work.. they just dry the secretions inside the nasal tracts.. they don't clear it.. n that's more irritating to kids. We never my son used to get cold... I used an azwain potli for this purpose.. u just have to fry a spoon full azwain on tawa.. n then tie it at the end of handkerchief... Now make ur baby smell it very one he or so.. it will loosen the secretion n secretion will come out.. wipe his nose with supersoft cloth. it worked wonders with my kid.. even at night,I used to make him smell it.. two three times n he would sleep peacefully. Also plz raise his head by placing it on a pillow while he sleeps.. this position opens up breathing tract more n its easy for a congested child to breathe. U can also apply Vicks at night.. BT never at his nose or chest!just apply at sole of his feet n cover them with cotton socks

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| May 26, 2016

better to give zincold pd twice a day it really works

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