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Created by Prāçhī Chïñtâñ Shah
Updated on May 15, 2017

my baby is 1 yr 9 months old but she will not take any solid food like roti sbji and all . she only take liquid how to start her solid food . she throw away all the things when I gave her such things.

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| May 17, 2017

Hello Prachi, Pediatricians often say that if you give your child excess milk their stomach becomes used to with liquid food only. Under any situation not more than 550ml milk in a day. A baby's tummy should not be filled with liquid only. Moreover, maintain at least 2 hrs gaps between two feeding time. Don't introduce more than one new item per week. Introduction of too many new food items reduces their acceptance ability. Give your child some finger food also. Praise and give a round of applause if your child finishes his food nicely.

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| May 15, 2017

thanks mam . I will try

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| May 15, 2017

hi Prachi Chintan Shah! if she doesn't like roti sabji u could try other options such as rice Dal, or dosa with paneer as filling, or idli with coconut chutney, or home made pizza, pasta with veggies . keep giving her variety and add color and design to her dishes. show her a picture book or build a castle with her. or try and make a story and narrate by building a connection with the dish. for instance how Elsa ate dosa and got the superpowers. with such innovative ideas she will not be able to resist these dishes for long.

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