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Not eating herself

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Aug 21, 2019

My daughter is 3 yrs old but she doesn't eat anything by herself except chips. She eats only while watching some videos. I try to make her eat herself but she is too adamant and i loose patience.. plz give some tips

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| Sep 15, 2019

Hi! I will suggest you to give her food just at some exact hours from now on( 9AM-1PM-7PM It would be great) Wnen it's eating time hide all the gadgets in a place where she cannot get them(on the fridge) let her eat the food in like... 1 hour max and do not give her food in the mouth,she needs to learn that she cannot get everything she wants)repeat the procces till she will learn to eat alone This is happening because she was overheatted

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| Aug 21, 2019

hi Kiran Bhandari ! take baby steps .start with one meal say dinner .serve her meals along with everyone during dinner time. keep the gadgets away. also make sure not even elders are using it while having meals. let it be a family time. discuss what happened during the day, how was her day. motivate her to eat on her own.. gradually move to lunch time. also teach her to put her plate in the sink.. praise her for helping.

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