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Updated on Dec 14, 2019

Hi... can 20 months baby have avoidant and restrictive food intake disorder? As my baby is at all not interested in food. She doesn't like to eat daily meal, milk, fruits, vegetables. Even she not like to eat chocolate, chips, biscuits, ice cream. her weight is 8. 7 kg and looks very thin. I asked her pediatrician about eating disorder but he said no your baby not having this disorder. I am so worried please help me.

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| Dec 14, 2019

Hi @vaishali ! To reach a conclusion certain tests would be required to be done by a psychologist and health professional. However, the more u would force feed the baby, more she would develop aversion to it. avoid running after her. Serve her meals with family members. Make mealtime funtime. count even a few spoons a success. Praise her ,give her a smiley sticker, or a star on her fist. .. let her eat on her own by serving lil on her plate and u could feed alongside..

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