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Updated on Sep 28, 2016

hi, my baby is 17 months old n her weight is 11 kgs. I am very worried about her diet, I tried a lot , but she always takes only 2-3 bites and after that she spits the food. only wants my milk, I am very tired of it. and in night not sleeps properly, after every 45 mins she wants my milk, because of this I can't take proper sleep. please help what should I do?

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| Sep 28, 2016

hii deepika as u said that your baby wants only your feed is the main reason. Dont give your feed to your baby if she is crying too. Try to keep her busy ,take her outside ,anything your baby wants. after the gap of 2-3 hr try to give what baby likes or what you prefer it should be nutricious. i also face this thing and this trick helps me . even dont give your feed in afternoon nap. just make her busy so that she sleep on her on. it will be tough for 3-4 days

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