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Updated on Oct 21, 2019

I gave birth from 3 months ago and I am still not feeling well some days i am sad and I can't focus and don't feel bond with my baby and some days i am happy i am taking contraceptive pills to regulate my period can it be because of hormonal changes or ado i have depression?

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| Oct 22, 2019

Hi Nour Atwi ! Yes it's due to hormonal changes. Do not worry it would stabilize as soon as hormonal changes stop playing a havoc in ur body. Try and open up about ur problems and issues with someone close in whom u could confide in. also pamper yourself, take breaks, take ample rest. Take help of yr family members in taking care of yr baby. u r doing a great job Nour Atwi ,just try and take good care of yourself . If u feel really depressed take help of an expert.

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