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Vidhi Pahuja
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Updated on Dec 04, 2015

My son is 15 months old. He was 2 kg wen born. Putting lot of efforts for taking care of him , he still looks like a very small baby. He weighs 8 kgs at present. I know every child is unique in this world. But as a mother comparison happens in natural. . seeing other babies healthy , active , walking n doing everything of their age, heart feels like crying . y my baby is not doing all that . he still can't walk . I m seeking help from u all for suggesting me all that which help my son in gaming weight n become healthy and active like other babies. Plz suggest food which can be given for quick weight gain.

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| Dec 04, 2015

Hi vidhi , Share the same emotions for my kid as you do. About your little one, why not jus ignore the entire world and focus on a particular regime for a month or two -consult your paed for an appetite booster and multivitamin -get a doze of healthy sunrays -feed every 2 hrs possiblly -good amount of water too -1 serving of any lentil, fruit,mix veggies, green leafy Try the above Might not increase weight but surely provide good stamina n increase metabolism Pls chk for food allergies if any

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