Not informing abt potty.. 6yrs child

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Created by Isha Patel
Updated on Mar 10, 2017

Hello frnds, my frnd's daughter is not informing wen she wants to go to potty, n later she faced d prob of dirty clothes of her, she many times explained her dt she shud informed to her dt mumma i want to go to potty, but she didn't, pls suggest sme tips how to tackle this prob she is 6yrs old.

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| Mar 13, 2017

Thanks sudha

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| Mar 10, 2017

Hi Isha, Potty training is very tricky task. Everything depends on how the mom and kid prepare for it. potty training ideally starts when the baby balances his/her head which means lil after 6 months. Before getting a potty chair the parent has to monitor the frequency at which the kid passes urine and the time of day or food that triggers system to poop. once a time table is prepared introduce potty chair and starting potty training makes things favourable for kid as well as parents. many times parents make it a big issue, they would get upset when the kid doesn't poop at designated time or constantly ask kid if they want to poop very often after they woke up. Constant reminders to poop irritates toddles and kids. Urge to poop n pee r purely personal space even to young kids. we parents don't accept it but kids are very particular abt it. Scolding kid for not using the pot. comparing with her peer group worsens the situation. Let the child know that you are concerned about her, health etc. Don't let her feel that you are ashamed of her behaviour and never discuss abt it with others in front of her. At 6yrs of age the child is very well aware that she is not using the loo. find out reasons, are bathrooms neat, is there anything she doesn't like the concept of using the bathrooms etc. Take care.

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| Mar 10, 2017

hi Shagun, you can give daliya(salty/ sweet), oats, chilla, boiled potato and sweet potato, Ragi porridge, rice pulse , roti milk, daal roti. include frutits an powdered dry fruits in his diet.

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