not interested in food.

3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 10, 2017

my daughter is 3yr9mth old her weight is12kg. she tend to fall sick very frequently. Don't likes to eat anything. fruits only she eat apple ,banana,mango.

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| May 10, 2017

hi Gulfam Khanam! how r u! I understand your concerns! Gulfam you could involve Aayesha in preparing a dish of her choice . involve her in tasks such as buying veggies of her choice, let her tell the name, carry it back in a home. talk about it in detail , where it grows , how and what all it needs to grow. then take her help in whatever stage she can be involved and it's safe for her. give it a name for instance " Aayesha's yummilicious Shimla mirch". let everyone praise her and say things like it's awesome and yummy. give her a reward once she tastes it. count it a success even if she tastes two spoons. add variety and color to her dishes. also think of ways to incorporate an ingredient in some other way , if she doesn't like it. for instance if she doesn't like u a fruit, make a fruit punch or add to custard, or a even smoothies or fruit yogurt can be made. with persistent efforts, praise and innovative strategies to involve her she would start enjoying food.

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