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Not interested in social communication

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Updated on Oct 19, 2015

Hi.. My son is 2yr n 5 mnths old.. Going to play school bt nvr interested in playing wid other children.. N he speaks very less only repeat the words we says tht also nt clear... Not making sentences... Wot should i do...

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| Oct 19, 2015

Hi Shabnam, You may find this blog helpful-

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| Oct 28, 2015

hi , my son is 2 yrs and 1 month . he also says very few words. Not even repeat anything which i tell. but the one or two words which he says are clear. Also he is not going to school , when i tooh him to other kids he wont play with them he will engage by himself. I keep on talking to him but the same way he behaves. So i am also confused. But he started walking by the age of 1. 5 yrs , bit late i guess. But he got around 14 teeth. I heard few girls talks fast , walks fast. Where as its bit late for boys. Not sure. Then also if the baby tells one or few words clearly then you dont have to worry is what i think. As one of my friend took her baby to a pedaitrician so they asked if he calls mother properly then the baby will talk. Might be we need to communicate a lot to them.

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