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Updated on Nov 18, 2016

Hello,my daughter is 5 yrs , she is just interested in mobile phones Today was her results n she has gone down frm her last results Pls give me some ideas for my problem Thanks in advance:)

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| Nov 18, 2016

hi Vidhi Dhnani ! I understand your concerns. Vidhi u need to make her surroundings interesting.. have books and study related toys, charts, writing boards, etc displayed all around. have a small study table where she could sit and pick up any book of her choice. to begin with have picture books. read out a story aloud. enact , take out sounds of animals , birds to catch her attention and ask her questions to keep her involved. praise her for the right answer to keep up the motivation. once u r successful in arousing her interest in studies through this manner , harp on it and teach her concepts similarly. for instance phonetics, opposites, three/four letter words, names of animals , counting etc. keep the gadgets out of sight, even if that means u and other family members too have to stay away from these for few hours. make sure u use these only while she is away or sleeping. little bit of sacrifice from your end plus motivation and your love would bring her back . hope this helps!

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| Nov 19, 2016

u can fix some particular time for her

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