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not interested in study.. don't want to sit on one place

3 to 7 years

Created by Garima Gautam Mahajan
Updated on Apr 22, 2017

he is not interested in study always want to go out with friends.

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| Apr 28, 2017

thanks a lot for helping me

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| Apr 23, 2017

hi garima.. it's really early to be concern about studies.. he is just 3 yr.. I too have son if similar age.. he has still not started schooling.. kids are awesome in grasping things if they are not forced.. whatever you want to teach him maje a game out of that... he must be loving something the most just try to teach by that method.. as an example my kid loves animal he has approximately 300 toy animals with him .. you can't belive he learned abc 123 all by them... I am a psychology designer.. and child psychology is the most complicated to understand as we are so grown up to go to their level a d understand really gets tough sometimes.. so just go to his level to understand his needs.. and for studying whole life is there let him enjoy till then..

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| Apr 23, 2017

hi Garima! I understand your concerns! he's just 3 years old. a child of this age would not be able to sit at one place for long. u need to give him interesting tasks at home to keep him occupied. for instance watering plants, feeding pets( if u have), filling water bottles, playing with Legos, , stringing beads or playing on motor control board, transferring beads from on bowl to another with a tweezer, or building blocks. this will help improve his concentration span. praise him when he completes a task. if he needs a break, give 5 minutes water break or stretching break and then he can complete the task. sit with him to involve him. Make use of easel boards, finger painting, writing in sand or thick crayons or even a plate full of dough or rice to teach alphabets or numbers. Garima u need to be quite patient while dealing with him. they are picking up things from us , so be a role model for him. hope this helps!

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