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Not responding when we cal him by his name


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Jul 17, 2015

Hi all, My son is 2. 6 years old. his name is shaurya. he don't have a pet name or something We all call him shaurya. problem is he don't respond to his name He dosent look or say 'ha' or 'aa' something. he just stays as if he heard nothing Recently we joined him in nursery the same problem is repeated there. Teachers enquired us if there is a pet name or something. He dosent respond to any neither at home nor school nor to neighbours He is OK in eating food and other thing. He is very hard to control and bit adament. Please suggest me what to do. Thanks in advance. Manasa.

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radhika dave

| Jul 20, 2015

Hi Manasa,does he response to other question if not plz take him immediately to doctor.

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mukesh tiwari

| Jul 18, 2015

Hi, Please take the issue seriously. He might be suffering from profound hearing loss. Suggest you to contact a specialist at Cochlear - 61121140. They specialise in hearing solutions.

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Shikha Batra

| Jul 18, 2015

Hi Manasa! I completely agree with Carol! Please go in for a hearing test at the earliest if u haven't got that done before. Also u need to think of certain answers such as: 1. Does he respond to your instructions other than name? 2. Do u have to repeat yourself many times to make him follow yr instructions? 3. What teachers have to say about his behavior in class? 4. Does he have a peer group? How is his behavior with them? 5. What are some of his interests? 6. Any medical history which is of concern during birth uptil now? 7. Does he share his everyday routine with you? If yes, is there anything which u find is repeated often or is unusual? The answers to these questions might help u reach a conclusion. Hope this helps!

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