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not response to the class teacher

1 to 3 years

Created by Marium
Updated on Feb 10, 2017

my son knows shapes,vegetable,and alphabet but when his class teacher take test he doesn't response. his class teacher called me and said he doesn't answer even one question. now plz tell me what can I do.. how I make him able to speak in front of teacher or in school.

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| Feb 10, 2017

Hii Marium .. some kids r extrovert n some r introvert.. introvert kids doesnot expose their ability that doesnot mean they know nothing .. ask his teacher to pay lill more attention n ask him again n again things without making him feel that he is going through any test ... u also go to relative or neighbour n there u ask him infront of2-3 people .. encourage him ... appreciate n praise him even if he utters a single word..

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| Feb 10, 2017

hey marium dont worry just relax first thing u should understand tht its not ur tension its teachers responsibility to make ur son comfortable and allow him to bloom slowly in class .most of the kids they dont open their mouth in school because they r shy or they r scared of teachers attitude towards them or with other kids or sudden changes . so at home when he names all vegetables n fruits just record it n shown it to his teacher n request her to gv him some tym to adjust in the class, and along with that talk to u r son n make himm understand tht he should answer when teacher s asking some question. dont be firm sweetly talk to him and ask him what is the reason he s not answering.

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