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Not sharing toys

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Created by Hema
Updated on Jan 15, 2015

Hi all, my son is 18 months old and when he is playing with other children he does not share toys, will keep everything to himself. How do i deal with this.

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| Jan 15, 2015

Hi Hema! Well it is quite a common behavior with kids. They do not like to share their belongings with anyone even with their siblings .It is advisable to be a rolé model for the child and share your belongings or give away yr things to the needy. You could also on special ocasions such as child's birthday, or children's day etc. distribute things from child's hands such as biscuits or sweets to the children who can't afford.. The child will soon learn sharing gives happiness and wouldn't hesitate in sharing his belongings. Also appreciate the child on showing positive behavior.

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| Jan 15, 2015

Hi Hema. Don't worry its a phase and that too shall pass soon. What I did with my son was ask him which toy does he exactly want to play with, then play around saying how many hands? Two hands so only two toys! Or you can divide saying one for you one for him. And kids like it when you encourage and coax him. Probably you can say mama's boy is such a good boy, etc... and as I said it will pass. Once he gets into playgroup, he will learn the sharing aspect as well. Hope this helps.

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