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not showing interest in studies

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 11, 2015

my son is studying in 1st std not showing interest in studies,handwriting is bad,simple addition subtraction don't know after teaching many times may be from a year,not able to read a simple sentences.

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| Sep 11, 2015

Hi Deepachandra! In Class 1,children are expected to read and write simple sentences. Read and remember simple sight words. Do simple addition of 2 digit numbers. Write number names besides other course work. You could begin with three letter words . Make him practice again and again on white board or black board with colored chalks. Start making teaching learning process an interesting experience. start giving stars and smileys or favorite homemade dish on finishing his work. Practice weak areas everyday. In English u could brING story books with simple three letter words and thereby gradually increasing complexity. when he goes to a mall or to market,play simple games like reading what's wriitten on hoardings, banners, walls etc. Praise him for correct answer. Check how much amount to be taken back from shopkeeper by calculating self. Read headlines of newspaper with yr help. Read instructions from the manual that come along with games/ gadgets etc. Make interesting timed test papers with simple instructions which he is supposed to read and solve on his own. for ex: in a test paper he has to circle the correct spellings of a word. Or he has to fill in the blanks by choosing correct word from the list. Or writing a name for the picture given Or vice versa. Give him simple 5 sight words to remember every week and use them in simple sentences. give dictation tests or other interesting methods which reinforce same thing. in maths make him learn number names. Put charts of the same on his rooms's walls. give him 5 sums everyday . Teach him addition by giving examples from day to day life. For ex: if u go to a market to buy a notebook and it's for Rs. 12, u have a 10 rupee note, how much more money u need to give to make it 12 rupees? Make sure u don't scold the child as children tend to associate studies with something uninteresting and run away from it. Praise your child amply. Motivate him as much as possible. Make him learn from real life experiences. Mantra which Hopefully will work would of 3 P's that is practice, praise and peseverance. Hope this helps!

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