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Updated on Nov 24, 2016

my 4nd half year old boy . he is very intelligent nd clever but not sincere about study in writing work he feel bore.... wht to do so he take interest in writing work ....

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| Nov 24, 2016

hi Nehamohta! hope u r doing good! praise is the only way to keep him motivated. plan interesting activities and studies in such a manner it's not boring. avoid giving too much of writing work. 4 years old attention span is not more than 20 minutes. so please ensure whatever u plan for him should not stretch beyond. make exercises exciting, interesting and playful. reward him aptly with love, praise, pats, smileys, stars. supposedly u plan to teach him 3 letter 'AT' words. u need to give him repetition for at least a week. try giving in different methods everyday to add surprise element to it say for Instance u could give it in the form of match the column on one day. match BAT with its picture. on next day he could fill in the blanks and fill in the missing alphabet in B___T .on third day he could write on his own in front of the picture of BAT. on fourth day u could just take an oral test by showing him the real Bat.. add novelty, fun element and innovation to your teaching style and it should work. Again please make sure u praise him to keep him motivated. hope this helps!

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| Nov 25, 2016

thank you so much. .....

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