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11 to 16 years

Created by Lopamudra Upadhaya
Updated on Jan 27, 2017

my son is not studying at all &he is telling lie what to do please let me know

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| Jan 28, 2017

thanks shikha

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| Jan 28, 2017

hi Lopamudra Upadhyaya! I completely understand your concerns. I believe your child to be 11+. he is already going through a transition from child to a teenager, including many bodily , social and emotional changes .Hormones are raging and friend circle play a more influential role at this stage than parents and family. I believe u need to connect with him at a more deeper level. look for a person he is more close to and look up to, be it his father or uncle or elder cousin brother. let them discuss, what his future plans are, how he plans to conduct his life, what guidance he would need and let him know what their expectations form him are. all this need not be discussed in a day but over a period of time, as this would also give them opportunity to connect better and get into some serious talk. also the person involved should keep a watch on his everyday performance and guide him how to go ahead further. give him timed test papers , evaluate these and make him do corrections. look for areas where he needs more guidance. Avoid blame game and criticising and rather look for solutions to work on weak areas. avoid judging ur child and let him accept his mistakes thereby praising him so that he doesn't have to hide anything. hope this helps!

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