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Updated on Feb 01, 2014

Hi all, Can someone please tell me how to make my 5 year old daughter to take medicine and cough syrups. She vomits whenever i give her the same.

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| Feb 02, 2014

Hi dear Nishita! Some children develop mental blocks that they just can't take medicine. So the moment they take medicine the brain sends signal that they can't have it that is when the reaction of the body is in the form of throwing up. So it is advisable to please do away with mental blocks which needs many simultaneous steps such as: One: u cud be the role models ur self. When it comes to taking medicine u cud show, it is not at all difficult to take it in , n how much better u feel. Two: u cud share if she does not have medicine she might have to go thru more difficult treatment like bitter pills, injections etc. Three: while u give the Child medicine u cud change regular setting, like u cud take her in the balcony, use an attractive spoon, Talk about birds chirping, or a small baby who u think is laughing so loudly, n even after giving a spoon of medicine u cud continue talking about the same topic. Four: u cud bring her a doctor set with empty medicine bottle in it , which u cud fill with honey or any other liquid she likes and do role play wherein she cud be the doctor and her dolls cud be the patient and she cud treat them by giving medicines. Hope this helps!!

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