Not taking milk from past 1week.

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Updated on Jun 07, 2017

Hello friends, my daughter is going to turn one year soon. Her teeth's has not yet come. From last few days she is not taking milk at all. I am trying to feed her milk from bottle and spoon as well, however she is refusing it. I am worried about her health. I can see she is getting weak day by day. I am also confused with her food I take. How much I should feed her and what should be the gap between each feed? Now I am giving her three solid meal n fruits. Apart from meal she use to drink milk at least three times in a day. Now she is not taking it.

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| Jun 07, 2017

hi rajani... r u still breastfeeding ur baby.... if yes then check y is ur baby rejecting the milk... if it's just top feed or formula milk then there could be different reasons for rejection including taste.... teething will happen... some babies start teething very late.... instead of milk substitute it with some juices or shakes since u feel ur baby is going weak..... add other sources of calcium to her diet... that should help.....

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