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Not taking milk!!!

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Updated on Jun 15, 2014

My baby is 11 months and still she do not have teeth and also she don't like having milk , it is being very difficult to feed milk from outside. She still likes only my milk and Iam a deficient of vitamin d ..I am worried that will she like milk afterwords or and when she will have teeth???

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| Jun 19, 2014

Hi Taniya, My kid got her teeth after 18 months. She too was not used to bottle/external milk. I used to gradually increase her external food intake during mornings by boiling vegetables, dal, rice mash and blend well as she used to vomit for even a very small bit. This process has to continue till they get there teeth as I feel only milk is not sufficient at this age.

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| Jun 16, 2014

Dear Taniya mathur, ur doctor must have told u to take cholecalciferol (vitamin D3)sachets or Chew-able tabltes for vitamin d3 deficiency; if not then u can further discuss it with ur doctor for same. Regarding teething and milk problem with kids u can start with giving ur kid some pulse soup or mashed rice or mashed banana like wise as kids develop taste for that kid will slowly distract from taking mother milk; but i think its too early to deprive kid from mother milk; u can take vitamin d3 sachets for urself and keep feeding ur lovely kid with mother's milk and dont worry about ur vitamin d3 deficiency as sachet will fortify u and ur kid (through mothers milk)with vitamin d3.

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| Jun 15, 2014

Taniya! don't worry, as it is a gradual process. There are other sources of vitamin D as well, which could be compensated as she grows older. All the best!

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