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not want to write

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 14, 2017

hi my son has not intrest in writting. he is 3years and 2mnths old .and studyng in play he doesnt want to hold the pencil

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| Sep 14, 2017

hi Kalpana Jha ! writing is a tedious process. it needs concentration, attention, physical as well as mental labour. u need to add fun element to it by adding colour , to it. lets not force the child to write with a pencil. instead give him thick crayons, or make him write in sand, or a plate of rice with finger, or even with marker pens on an easel board kept at an angle of 45 degrees or with finger dipping in paints.. also praise him for efforts and give a smileys or stickers as rewards to motivate him .all this would add lot more fun to it and he would start taking interest in it.

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